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b. 1958, Maracaibo VE.

Lives and works between Houston USA and Versailles France.


Pedro Morales is a pioneer of digital art in Venezuela. He represented his country at the 50th Venice Biennale with an iconic work, "CITYROOMS.NET", censored by his government. His investigations in the visual arts maintain an intimate approach, using everyday domestic events as a background for his digital work. He has explored his vision of the picture within the picture with fractal geometry and stereography. 3D vision has been extensively researched by Morales for more than 25 years. The two-dimensional codes popular on mobile phones have been dismembered by Morales, experimenting with new materials and decipherable techniques using a cell phone. The 3D art pieces come from printers assembled by the artist. Part of the interactivity with his work is mobile connectivity, each code carries a personal message or URL He is currently working on the Scutoid Series, a newly discovered geometric shape found in human cells.

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